Sorin Andrei,

va invita sa ascultati emisiunile

de la 08.00 la 10.00 3FlowerofScotland - Copy no drug lacks side effects. the same goes for Viagra, a drug that is prescribed for men suffering from the condition called erectile dysfunction. this condition is characterized by the inability to achieve an erection required to perform sexual intercourse. some men may not be able to get any erection, while some may manage to but not what is required for sexual intercourse. and there could be some men who may manage to penetrate, but only to lose the erection soon after. the drug works by stimulating blood flow into the penis, and helping the person to achieve and maintain an erection. the term ‘Viagra‘ is the trade name for the drug known as sildenafil citrate. 1998 was the year when this drug became available, and since then it has been a popular treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Matinal Duminical – Un matinal mai … altfel !

– stiri, meteo si sport, horoscop, stiati ca

– astazi despre ieri, picatura de … intelepciune si muzica


de la 10.00 la 11.00

Farmecul Artei Muzicale


Opereta My Fair Lady de Frederick Loewe.

Ascultati Radio Enigma Romania.
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